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asReports Issue: Only works with RAS under CR XI and above

Name: Only works with RAS under CR XI and above
ID: 1
Project: asReports
Type: Enhancement
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Open
Related URL:
Creator: Andrew Scott
Created: 04/08/08 7:54 PM
Updated: 05/15/10 12:30 AM
Description: Business objects decided to move away from com objects in favour of .Net instead. This causes problems to the other versions of Crystal Reports that now don't have a Report Application Server. Unless you pay for the Crystal Server version.

The fix when I get a chance will be to include the .Net version for those versions of Coldfusion that can use .Net libraries and the java version for the others.

History: Created by cyberangel67 (Andrew Scott) : 04/08/08 7:54 PM

Comment by cyberangel67 (Andrew Scott) : 05/15/10 12:30 AM
Due to the amount of emails that I receive with people trying to work with asReports and CR2008, I need to make this very clear.

asReports uses a component that used to be in older versions of Crystal Reports, this was known as the Report Application Server, or RAS service. This is no longer supported in CR 2008 as Business Objects have removed this component.

Until that changes asReports is not compatible with CR2008+

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